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Wardrobe Detox

“It’s time to put the spotlight back on you. We will unlock your own sense of personal style and help you create a more versatile and budget friendly wardrobe!”

Wardrobe Detox
  • You will complete the short ‘my Style&Bloom profile’ which is all about the most important person – which is you!

  • We will visit your home for around 2.5 hours to go through and streamline your wardrobe – keep, mix, fix, ditch, add

  • We will professionally take your body measurements and provide expert advice on size, shape, cut and colours

  • Within a few weeks, you will receive your Style&Bloom Wardrobe Detox report, which will help you on your way!

  • This will include your profile and bloom board together with a prioritised shopping list and ‘ask your stylist’ info

  • As an extra, we can work some magic to fix things you still love but are no longer the perfect fit (i.e. to be quoted)

Your Wardrobe Detox will be completed for $300, which will more than pay back through wise style decisions! It’s recommended to rerun the closet edit once a year and this follow up will take about 1.5 hours @ $150.

Shopping Buddy

“Based on what you need to add to your wardrobe, or even for a really special occasion, it’s time to get to the shops and discover what’s just right for you!”

Shopping Buddy
  • Think of this like your own personal 'shopping buddy' but with benefits - like a flare for design and nice honesty

  • Style&Bloom are very familiar with the local boutiques, fashion retailers, department stores and fashion websites

  • We can shop together in person and help equip you with the know how to make your signature style your own

  • Or Style&Bloom can do the heavy lifting and track down items for you based on your prioritised shopping list

  • We will help you select fashion and accessories to mix and match and flatter your shape – all within your budget!

  • Or it might simply be shopping for one wonderful gown for a special occasion that is just around the corner

At Style&Bloom, we understand that life is hectic so you can make the choice to be involved in the fun stuff or just let us get on with it! This Shopping Buddy process will take place for $100 an hour.

Perfect Couture

“Whether it’s a special occasion such as a wedding, event, formal or even your everyday look, you may want to wear custom made couture that’s perfect for you!”

Perfect Couture
  • To really style and bloom, there’s nothing quite like the experience of hand crafted couture made just for you

  • We will meet up to talk through what’s in your heart and mind and help co-design and illustrate your look

  • This could be a wedding (i.e. bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride), formal, evening, corporate or everyday

  • To ensure the design is just right, your body measurements will be professionally taken and a calico will be fit

  • The fabric and trimmings will be selected and we will then start the custom made process for your unique design

  • You will benefit from 3 by 1 hour professional fittings to ensure your couture is perfect for the occasion!

For Perfect Couture, you will be provided with a formal quotation based on the approved design and fabric selection. This starts from $250 for everyday, $750 for evening and $2,000 for bridal.

Gift Certificates

Whether it’s your wife, partner, mum, sister or friend you would like to put the spotlight back on, gift certificates are available for all packages.

The Finer Print

Based on your specific needs, you will be provided with a formal quotation together with the relevant package terms and conditions.