Lisa Glasgow

Lisa Glasgow is a fashion designer and personal stylist based in Brisbane, Australia. She believes that whatever your stage of life or body shape, you can style and bloom without blowing the budget. Most of all, she understands how the perfect fit can make fashion work for you.

Lisa has been through it all, from the bright lights of London working with royalty and celebrities, through to raising 2 children in Sydney and Brisbane and juggling everything else! That’s why in 2013, with both of her wonderful kids off to school, the Style&Bloom brand was born.

With formal qualifications in fashion and design gained in Australia, Lisa was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to also train at the highly regarded Polimoda Institute in Florence, Italy. It was through this experience that Lisa learnt to appreciate the true meaning of fashion design and the relevance it has in our everyday lives.

Whilst living in the UK, Lisa had the honour of working with top British designers Caroline Castigliano and Catherine Walker. It was with Catherine Walker (most recognised and remembered as the private designer for Princess Diana) where she really honed her craft, ranging from bridal and evening through to complete ready to wear wardrobes.

Then in Sydney, Lisa had privilege of working alongside Australian fashion royalty, Carla Zampatti. After finally moving back to Brisbane and living a typically busy lifestyle with 2 young children, she kept her passion alive through custom made gowns for personal clients. It was then that Lisa found herself needing to reinvent her own personal style.

So this classic moment in time resulted in Style&Bloom, with the aim of putting the spotlight back on you. Lisa’s expertise as a designer and stylist has been uniquely based on professional fit and custom made couture. And more than that, her love of interacting with and helping clients always shines through. After all, to bloom is always in fashion!

Lisa and Amelia


The purpose of Style&Bloom is to help women of all shapes and sizes to style and bloom. We believe that perfect fit equals perfect fashion. That’s why we are obsessive about fashion through fit and offer tailored packages: wardrobe detox, shopping buddy and perfect couture.

Style&Bloom is based in Brisbane and works with clients right across Australia who have decided to refocus on their own personal style. After all, it’s all about putting the spotlight back on you … whether it’s your everyday look, through to a big event or even your wedding day.

We discovered that most women have never engaged a designer and stylist, but more than 8 in 10 believe they would really stand to benefit. So think of this as a small investment in you. And by understanding your own personal style, you could save thousands in future #fashionfails!

At Style&Bloom, we set out to deliver a truly personalised experience, inspired by the art of co-creation (i.e. by you too!) and underpinned by our purpose driven brand focused on conscious commerce. This is what really sets Style&Bloom apart and makes us uniquely different.


Our Promise

1. Personalised Experience: At Style&Bloom, we aim to offer an experience which is personalised to your personality, taste, lifestyle and budget. After all, it’s about your own personal style and not a vanilla approach. This can happen face-to-face locally in Brisbane or across Australia. We’re even putting steps in place to take this experience and make it accessible from anywhere!

2. The Art of Co-creation: At Style&Bloom, we have adopted an approach to fashion, which we like to call 'you-design-you'. What this really means is co-creation as you are an integral part of the design process. Then garment crafting happens locally and your order is delivered directly, without the need for retail overheads. This is a win / win way to help reshape the fashion industry in some way.

3. Conscious Commerce: At Style&Bloom, we believe in conscious commerce, where quality and sustainability are the biggest priorities. We are less about the latest cutting edge fashion and more about essential, timeless, wardrobe winners that last. We are impartial and independent and not commercial connected to retailers or designers. So we put you first and provide that that nice honesty you crave.

Lisa at Work