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Style Bloom You


Fashion is so fickle. New is soon old again. Time is precious. Budgets are tight. Options are endless. Confusion leads to inaction.

This might sound all too familiar! So if you have the desire to unlock, embrace and celebrate your signature style in an enduring, affordable and enjoyable way, then we'd love to connect with you.

It Starts With Fit

Yes FIT. In a word, this is what makes Style&Bloom different! We focus on the perfect fit for your body shape. Whilst size is just a number, your shape makes you ... YOU!

That's why we uniquely blend the modern art of beautiful design with the traditional craft of hand made couture.

So here's 3 reasons why it might be your time to style and bloom:

1. Rediscover You

2. Save Time + Money

3. Exude Confidence




Our Philosophy

Style is an impression and not simply about the latest fashion.

Style is unique and personal to you and not following the crowd.

Style is that sense of confidence from truly backing yourself.

Style is the elation you feel when it’s lost then rediscovered.

We believe that all women deserve the opportunity to style and bloom, not just celebrities. That after years of giving so much to others, the time is right to put the spotlight back on you.

We believe that perfect fit equals perfect fashion and it all starts with truly understanding you. After all, your own personal style is what makes you different. And an investment in you means more than you can imagine. It’s that magical feeling when you walk into the room. Confident. Inspired. You … again!

At Style&Bloom, when it comes to design and style we are that helper, mentor, teacher, maker. We believe in ‘slow fashion’ that is sustainable, ethical and based on quality over quantity.

So whether it’s a wardrobe detox, shopping buddy or perfect couture, we will make it possible …

To create your own signature style.

In a versatile and budget friendly way.

For everyday and that special occasion. Because ...

To Bloom in Always in Fashion

Let's Connect


Lisa Glasgow is a fashion designer and personal stylist based in Brisbane, Australia who really believes in fashion through fit and how this can help put the spotlight back on you.

Whatever your stage of life or body shape, you can style and bloom without blowing the budget. So a wardrobe detox, shopping buddy or perfect couture could be just right for you!